Welcome to our updated website. We have upgraded to Squarespace for web hosting. Squarespace's interface is much more robust, allowing us to post our articles directly on the website with an elegant design.

As time moves on, we plan on posting various blog pages, each dedicated to specific topics. This particular page will be a general comments page where we will post any updates and comments that don't fit into any of the other pages.

We will be allowing comments on our blog pages; however, the comments section is not intended for debating. The purpose of the comments sections will be for community building and encouragement.  We recognize that we may not be the only people that Jehovah is using to advance his purpose, and so if you feel you have something to contribute, please feel free to email one of us via the following email addresses: brian@jehovahsword.org, tara@jehovahsword.org, and lillie@jehovahsword.org. Alternatively, you can use the email link at the top of the page, which is directed to sitemail@jehovahsword.org.