My Story

A while ago, we published an article entitled "Biblical Doctrine," whose purpose is two-fold: (1) to reaffirm the doctrinal beliefs we still hold true from Jehovah's Witnesses, and to introduce those beliefs to those who have never been associated with Jehovah's Witnesses.

Besides that one article, the focus of the articles on this website have largely been about unraveling Biblical prophecy. Especially where it has to do with Jehovah's people.

The next article we plan on releasing has a slightly more personal touch. It is the story of my life (Tara) and my spiritual journey. We have mentioned before in various places that we believe that these articles will form a part of the new scrolls to be opened up (Revelation 12:12). This story is no exception. The story of my life, that we plan on posting shortly, will reveal new things about the nature of Jehovah God, and the very depths of his love. While Jehovah's Witnesses take it upon themselves to decide who is worthy of being baptized and accepted into Jehovah's house, this is not the way that Jehovah meant it, because only Jehovah can read a person's heart. I am in a unique position to illustrate the stark contrast between the judgments of men and the judgements of Jehovah. The reason for this will be revealed when the article is published. My story also illustrates the depths of Jehovah's mercy and compassion--the very reasons behind why he sacrificed his only-begotten son to save a race beings that did not deserve to be saved.