Upcoming Posts and Articles

The purpose of this post is to provide a preview of some of the content that is on its way for this website. First of all, in his latest podcast (#71) Robert King addressed the issue of when it is appropriate to leave the Society. needless to say, his views on this matter are a bit narrow-minded. This prompted me to write a short article covering three related topics: (1) being active in the congregation, (2) one's ministry and disciple-making work, and (3) memorial attendance and partaking. Now, I'm not anointed, and thus not really qualified to speak on the third topic, but my grandmother is, so what will be presented in that article concerning the memorial will be based on what she has to say about it (and of course, she reviews and edits the content of this website after prayerful consideration, so anything that it posted on the topic, or any other topic for that matter, will have already been approved by a member of the bride class)

Another thing I am working on is a new blog page. I have mentioned previously that when I wrote up the article "Biblical Doctrine," it was based on an article I had written about 8 - 10 years ago to address the so-called "problem of evil," which is supposedly unsolvable according to atheists. Well, while editing the paper for posting it on this website, I omitted certain things from it because they were more like musings than foundation principles behind a Christian's faith. For example, it is often asked by atheists how it is that a person can have free will if God already knows the future. These are more academic questions than questions about Biblical doctrine, so I've decided to create a blog dedicated to answering common questions and misunderstandings about Christianity on the part of non-believers.

The third item we will eventually be posting will be basically a wrap-up of Biblical prophecy. At the end of the article The Time of the End, in Appendix G, we basically outlined the rest of Revelation that had not been covered by the rest of the article. What we presented in that appendix was basically a summary of the events described in the rest of the book. This new paper will be expounding on that and filling out the rest of the final details of Revelation's prophecy. It will also discuss the 70 weeks in Daniel 9:24-27. Finally, it will be discussing Daniel chapters 7 and 8.

You'll notice that our website has not really gone into details about Jehovah's judgments against his people outlined in Isaiah, Ezekiel, and the other Prophets. That assignment was given to Robert King, and he has carried it out. We have touched on Jehovah's judgments against his people insofar as it overlaps with the events to occur during the time of the end. The reason why King was not given a detailed account of the events to occur during the time of the end is because that assignment has been given to us. With the combination of Robert's work, our past work, and this new article about Revelation, the interpretation of Biblical prophecy will be more or less complete. Of course there will always been room to dig deeper into the prophecy, as with any other topic the Bible touches on, but the basic interpretation of the prophecies will be complete at that point.

Of course, there is going to be more revealed than what is contained in the Bible as time progresses towards, and ultimately into, the time of the end. There will be new things revealed for which there is no Biblical precedence. The 1st century apostles were in the same situation when they wrote about the heavenly hope. That is the reason for quoting Isaiah 48:6b-7a on our homepage:

From now on I am announcing new things to you,
Guarded secrets that you have not known.

Only now are they being created, and not long ago,
Things that you never heard before today