Where Is Your Brotherly Love?

Robert King posted a heart-breaking story on his website on June 1, 2016. It was a commentary on today's daily text, and he used the opportunity to link a blog post about an elderly Witness by the name of Carol Ramos. This sister has stage 4 ovarian cancer and her congregations (both present and past) seem to have abandoned her in her time of need. Here is an excerpt from the blog post:

She has no husband or children who she can depend on to physically or financially assist her. Almost no one from among any of her current or past congregations have visited her on their own initiative except two of them who occasionally drop by. Once when she asked to be visited by some sisters from her current congregation, the elders visited her instead and they did so only to inform her that she shouldn't share her fundraiser with anyone from the congregation. When she told them about her worsening condition and asked her congregation elders if they could help her financially, they rejected her and even criticized her for the hours that she is able to include in her report every month. The elders heartlessly and judgmentally even accused the poor sister of "not doing her best in the ministry" and they were sure of it because according to one of the elders who visited her, he himself does not give his best so she definitely isn't giving her best either. What is worse is that when she asked them to at least pray for her, they refused to do so and instead told her that she needs to be corrected.

What a degraded and deplorable state the congregation has reached! I am not saying that everyone in the organization is this way, but that certain ones who claim to be Jehovah's representatives on earth would condone, or even participate in such behavior is reprehensible and disgusting. Is this the model that Jesus left, to condemn the weak for their lack of service? (1 Peter 2:21) Jesus clearly said of those who give out of their want, or poverty, although materially they may give less, what they give is of much more value to him and to his father than those who give out of their surplus. (Mark 12:43, 44)

If you wish to read the entire blog post, you can do so here: Jehovah's Witnesses, Where is Your Brotherly Love?

And please, I implore all those who are able to donate what you are capable of and willing. Although the link to donate can be found in the blog post I just linked to, I am going to put a button here to go to the donation page directly. Whether or not you are able and willing to donate, please also leave words of encouragement for this sister on the blog post linked above.