Readers' Questions and Comments: Introduction

I mentioned in the main blog that I would be creating a new blog to address questions and misconceptions about Christianity from non-believers. This is not that blog. I still intend to put that blog up; however, someone sent a comment in from the form on the home page, to which I responded, and have decided that I want to start posting responses to comments and questions from readers that would be beneficial to others.

Please note that I will not post emails or form submissions without prior permission, which I did obtain from this person, and I will not reveal any identifying information unless the person specifically requests to be identified.

If you are sending an email or making a form submission on the home page and are willing to have the question and response posted on this blog, please let me know in the email or form submission. Also, if you prefer me to respond via the blog alone and not by email, you may also indicate that, otherwise I will do my best to respond directly to all inquiries in a timely manner.